Minnesota Sports and Events (MNSE) is announcing an amazing new membership engagement opportunity that combines two Minnesotan passions – supporting our great state and region and accomplishing this through the universal unifier - SPORTS!

We have all seen the positive economic, well-being, and social impact that events like the Super Bowl, NCAA Women’s Final Four, and Ryder Cup have had on our community! What isn’t always apparent is the hard work and dedication it takes to secure these coveted events and the effort and determination required to successfully host them. As MNSE grows and brings more events to Minnesota, we are recruiting a team of committed and diverse leaders to serve as stakeholders – people who want to collaborate, network, advise, and champion our efforts - and ultimately, celebrate the victories we achieve together!

The MNSE Champions Council launched in December of 2022, and we are looking for dedicated and passionate individuals who understand the positive impact that hosting large-scale events, particularly sports, can have on a community to serve as our FOUNDING MEMBERS!

All Champions Council member investments will fund MNSE’s efforts to positively impact our community by attracting and hosting highly sought-after events. The annual membership investment is $5,000*. Member benefits will include one-of-a-kind “signature” experiences, access to tickets to mega-events, unique “insider” information, valuable networking opportunities and much more!


  • Recognition as a Prestigious FOUNDING MEMBER of the MNSE Champions Council
    • Inclusion in list of MNSE Champions Council members on the MNSE website (www.mnsportsandevents.org) with the option to include a company logo if preferred
    • Recognition in the MNSE monthly “Insider” e-newsletter sent out to MNSE’s full email database
    • An MNSE Champions Council member will highlighted bi-monthly in “Insider” e-newsletter
    • MNSE Champions Council member merchandise including one of a kind, cool branded apparel, and accessories
    • MNSE Champions Council Founding Member decal
    • Utilization of the MNSE Champions Council logo

  • Insider Access to the Sports and Events Industry
    • Ability to purchase tickets for events secured and/or hosted by MNSE
    • Invitation to a minimum of four (4) MNSE Champions Council Member-Only events annually – See Q1 2023 Member Events list below
      • For example, local professional and collegiate sporting events including exclusive experiences such as private chalk talks and play-by-play sessions with coaches, leaders, athletes, and local legends

      Champions Council
    • Opportunity to serve on various organizational and event specific committees and groups that impact the work MNSE is doing.
      • Bid Committees working to attract future events
      • Advisory Committees supporting upcoming events
      • Event Volunteer Committees
      • Community Engagement Committee
      • Critical Conversations Committee
      • Signature Events Committee
      • Partnership Engagement Committee
      • Occasional individual outreach for specific skill set of Champions Council member
      • Opportunity to participate in focus groups and brainstorming sessions
      • Opportunity to participate in event volunteer activities

  • Valuable Networking Opportunities and Access to Important Sports, Business and Community Leaders
    • Invitation to bi-monthly MNSE Champions Council Networking Socials @ Brick x Mortar
    • Brick x Mortar Membership – B x M is offering to waive their Initiation Fee for 90 days for MNSE Champions Council members (a $1,500 value). After that, they will offer a standing 50% off the Initiation Fee to members. In addition, when paying the Brick x Mortar monthly membership fee ($300), MNSE Champions Council members will receive 2 access FOBs so one can be shared with a business partner or significant other
    • VIP tickets to Signature Events produced by MNSE
      • Minnesota Corporate Challenge, anticipated inaugural year 2024
      • Minnesota Sports Awards, anticipated inaugural year 2025
    • Opportunity to host MNSE events including quarterly updates, Signature Events, Critical Conversations speaker series, etc.
    • Access to the MNSE Champions Council membership directory (may not be used for solicitation purposes)


    Whether you’re a corporate executive, local business owner, community leader, or sports fanatic, we need you on our team! Request more information about the MNSE Champions Council or join today and start building your legacy!

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